Desalination thermodynamic optimization program

DE-TOP can be used to models the steam power cycle (Rankine cycle) of different water cooled reactors or fossil plants, and the coupling with any other non-electrical application such as desalination and district heating.

With an intuitive graphical user interface and flexible system configuration, the user can select different coupling arrangements between power plant and non-electric application (single steam extraction, multiple steam extraction, backpressure operation, etc.). DE-TOP executes thermodynamics energy and exergy analyses of the cogeneration system and produces detailed reports for plant performance at different cogeneration modes.

The main features of DE-TOP 2.0 are:

  • Detailed base-load calculation of mass and energy flows in the power plant secondary cycle
  • Robust model of water/steam thermodynamic properties (T, P, enthalpy, exergy, etc.) based on the IAPWS-IF97 industrial formulation
  • Fully customizable parameters for water cooled reactors and Fossil steam power plants to fit any user defined case. As well as several predefined cases (PWR, BWR, SMRs, etc.)
  • Simulation operation with of non-electric applications as: Desalination, District Heating or Process Heat
  • DE-TOP has a friendly user interface that simplify its use and allows a better understanding of the system
  • Report and analysis of plant performance in single electricity production and cogeneration modes