Modeling the flexibility offered by coupling the heating sector and the power sector: an assessment at the EU level

Modelling flexible power demand and supply in the EU power system: soft-linking between JRC-EU-TIMES and the open-source Dispa-SET model

Electrifying the heating sector in Europe: The impact on the power sector

Exploring business case for cogeneration in EU28

A comprehensive assessment of meeting heating and cooling needs via long distance energy transmission

The debate of centralized versus decentralized generation of heat, electricity and cooling is getting more relevant in the EU policy scene in an attempt to identify the most resource-and cost-efficient solutions to meeting heating and cooling needs. …

Optimal Home Battery Sizing and Dispatch in EU Countries taking into account Battery Degradation and Self Consumption Incentives

Solar home battery systems are becoming popular to final consumers driven by substantial price reduction. The use of batteries couples solar energy generation and demand patterns increasing the use of the installation and the self-consumption rates. …

Energy price spread as a driving force for combined generation investments: A view on Europe

Combined generation of heat, cooling and power has a large potential to increase its share in distributed generation of energy. Such investments are driven by energy savings which result to operational profits. These profits are very sensitive to the …

Methodology development for the national assessment of energy efficiency potential in the heating and cooling sector

Member States are required to conduct a comprehensive assessment of "the potential for the application of high-efficiency cogeneration and efficient district heating and cooling" according to Article 14 of the Energy Efficiency Directive …

An example conference paper

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Opportunity for cogeneration in nuclear power plants

Current thermal efficiency of electric power generation from nuclear power plants is about 33%, which is rather low since the rest of the energy is dissipated to the environment as heat. Such efficiency could be increased up to 80% through …