Position paper on water, energy, food and ecosystems (WEFE) nexus and sustainable development goals (SDGs)


The WEFE nexus is an approach that integrates management and governance across the multiple sectors of food, energy, water, and ecosystems. The nexus corroborates the need to not view water, energy, food. and ecosystems as being separate entities, but rather as being complex and inextricably entwined. Globally as well as locally, there is a growing realisation of the interconnectedness between water, energy, food security, and ecosystems. In simple terms, direct inputs of water are needed in the production of food and energy while energy is required for the storage and distribution of food as well as in water extraction, conveyance, and treatment. Natural resources and ecosystems services also underlie water, food, and energy security. Any limitation in one of the inputs would disturb the availability of one of the others. Applying the WEFE nexus approach helps to improve understanding of the interdependencies across sectors and the ecosystems with a view to improving integrated solutions in the field that improve achievement of SDGs.